Keno clubs in Victoria can now align with local players online.

Victorians club visitors can now play their favourite Keno games online under a new omnichannel model that now provides their local Keno club an opportunity to benefit from digital commissions.

Under upgrades made to the original and trusted Keno game, Victorians playing on the Keno app in a club for the first time become “aligned” to that venue.

That means the venue receives the equivalent of 100 per cent of retail commission for that customer’s online play within the venue, as they would if the customer used the venue’s Keno terminals.

The venue also receives the equivalent of 50 per cent commission for aligned customers’ play outside of the venue as long the customer has played via the Keno the app inside the venue in the previous 12 months (barring Keno played within another venue, in which case commissions go to that venue).

The model gives Victorian Keno venues a chance to earn revenue from digital Keno play for the first time.

From a player perspective, the new omnichannel Keno offering gives customers an easy way to place their entries and see their numbers match as they appear, with the draw on venue screens matching those in the app. Players can also scan a ticket purchased in-venue and check if it’s a winner in the app. If they had a win, they can collect their winnings, up to $2000, into their Keno account.

Customers benefit from being able to set their own deposit limits and have access to a range of information and tools on responsible play.

“We’re excited to have launched our omnichannel Keno offering in Victoria,’’ General Manager Licensed Venue Operations (Keno) Paul Malek said.

“The new offering has resonated with customers who’ve embraced the chance to play Keno how and when they like for the chance to win millions.

“And there are benefits for venues in accessing revenue for digital play for the first time. We are working with our venue partners to explain the upside of the new model and help them maximise the benefits.”

The omnichannel Keno experience in Victoria is offered under the 20-year Victorian licence awarded to The Lottery Corporation’s subsidiary, Keno (VIC) Pty Ltd in April 2022. Under regulatory restrictions, official online Keno is not available in New South Wales or Queensland.

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