The eclectic Miss Iggy’s has opened at Revesby Workers.

Revesby Workers’, in Sydney’s southwest, has unveiled its new Miss Iggy’s kitchen, bar, lounge and arcade for kids at heart. Miss Iggy’s features a retro gaming arcade vibe, with a range of pinball machines to stand-up 80s and 90s arcade games, plus dual dance machine.

With its eclectic design, inspired by street art and quirky slang of the 90s, the desire was for Miss Iggy’s to bring brings a trendy inner Sydney vibe to the heart of Revesby.

The menu is designed to mix and match, with snack and sharing options such including ‘tapas’ of Tostitos Chip Nachos with spicy Korean bulgogi, plus towers and platters that feature everything from charcuterie and fresh seafood to a cheese board selection. 

There is also ‘Carnival’ options such as grilled corn cob, Pluto Pups and Chiko Rolls or, for the sweet-tooth, ‘Candy options for big kids including Blueberry Fairy Floss, Chocolate Snack Bars and Sour Straps.

Drinks include the Fuchsia Fairy cocktail of applewood coral gin, okar tropic orange liqueur, lime, cranberry, orange blossom, blood orange soda, grenadine, persian rose floss, 100’s and 1,000’s which can be bought as a single drink of in a  six-cocktail ‘balloon’.  There is also a selection of flavoured ice teas.

The venue can also be booked for large or private events. Miss Iggy’s sits below the clubs Flip-Out trampoline outlet, 10-pin bowling alley and kids arcade.   

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Miss Iggy’s brings retro inner-city vibe to Revesby Workers, including the food.

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