Night time industry operators now have access to a suite of best practice guidebooks designed by a leading group of hospitality, planning, marketing and arts and culture experts.

Spanning an array of topics and themes that operators are likely to encounter, the development of the NTIA PLAY resources was led by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) and supported by the NSW Government’s office of the 24-hour economy commissioner.

Drawing on the knowledge of industry experts, the five guidebooks provide an overview of five different areas of the night time industry, focusing on the regulatory landscape, key considerations, stakeholder relationships and a list of top tips.

Speaking about the guidebooks, Mick Gibb, NTIA CEO, explained that they are a vital tool for new and existing players in the night time economy.

“The best advice comes from those who have faced, and overcome, the same challenges you have. These guidebooks are created by industry, for industry, so that regardless of who you know in the sector, you can draw on the expertise of market leaders.

“Industry collaboration and knowledge sharing is at the heart of the NTIA’s mission. During the peak of the pandemic, the industry rallied together to weather the storm. Although the worst of COVID-19 is behind us, that spirit of collaboration and partnership across industry must remain.”

“I’ve always admired how willing sector leaders are to share their knowledge with each other,” added Michael Rodrigues, 24-hour economy commissioner. “I’ve seen it firsthand in venues and at the many conferences that occur during the year. If ever there was a sector defined by peer-to-peer learning, this is it.

“We’re happy to be supporting this initiative and command those experts who have been involved, and the NTIA for brining it together.”

The five guidebooks cover the following topics:

  • Navigating planning and licensing
  • Managing sound and noise in venues
  • Building a brand and identity
  • Promoting safety and wellbeing
  • Integrating performance into venues

James Thorpe, founder and director of Odd Culture Group, was a key stakeholder in the development of the NTIA PLAY resources, contributing to the development of three of the guidebooks: navigating the planning and licensing landscape, managing sound and noise in licensed venues, and integrating performance into venues guidebooks.

Thorpe spoke about the opportunity presented by the guidebooks for the industry to work together.

“These industry guidebooks are a fantastic initiative that can make things much simpler for new and existing players in the night time economy. It was great to work with the NTIA and other business leaders to create something for the good of the industry.”

You can access the full suite of guidebooks here.

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