In handing down its 2024-25 NSW Budget, the NSW government has announced it will commit $10 million to bolster gambling harm minimisation efforts.

NSW Minister for Gaming and Racing David Harris said the funding boost for the Responsible Gambling Fund will ensure anyone impacted by gambling, regardless of where they live in NSW, will have access to information, treatment, and support services.   

“It will fund the work of GambleAware providers across 10 regions of NSW, and key services including the GambleAware Helpline and Gambling Help Online, which in 2022-23 collectively supported more than 25,000 people,” he said.

“Funding for these critical services means people across the state can receive free and confidential support services, whether that’s face-to-face through regional support, or by phone or online.”

The additional commitment, according to Harris, builds on the government’s existing work to reduce gambling harm, including slashing the cash input limit from $5,000 to $500 for all new gaming machines, reducing the statewide cap on gaming machine entitlements by approximately 3,000, and mandating responsible gambling officers in venues with more than 20 machines from July 1.

An expanded cashless gaming trial is currently underway in NSW, which Harris previously touted would not only be a key step to reduce gambling harm, but also prevent money laundering.  

The cashless gaming trial is being overseen by the Independent Panel on Gaming Reform, which was established by the NSW Government in July 2023. The aim of the trial is to evaluate the feasibility and acceptance of adopting cashless gaming technologies across all clubs and hotels in NSW.

The Independent Panel on Gaming Reform is scheduled to deliver a gaming reform report to the NSW government in November 2024.

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