An impression from the original Master Plan.

The mixed-use redevelopment of the Mortdale RSL Club has suffered a setback after the Sydney South Planning Panel found the club’s planning proposal for a rezoning should not progress to a Gateway determination.

The RSL Club was seeking a rezoning review to enable a mixed-use development, including redevelopment of the clubhouse, amending the zoning from part B2 Local Centre and part R3 Medium Density Residential to B2 Local Centre and increases to building height and floor space ratios. 

The rezoning review process allows a proponent to request an independent Planning Panel to evaluate whether a proposal should progress to Gateway determination. The RSL Club was seeking a rezoning review because Georges River Council had failed to indicate its support within a 90-day period after it was submitted.

The Panel found that the RSL’s Planning Proposal lacks strategic merit, especially in terms of infrastructure, traffic and development feasibility in the Mortdale Local Centre Master Plan. Council is currently preparing a revised Master Plan based on heights of four and six stories respectively. 

“The (club’s) proposed development controls that seek to increase the maximum building height from no height and 12m (four storeys) to 28m (equivalent to nine storeys) is out of context and would likely result in significant adverse impacts on the adjoining residential properties, including overshadowing and visual impacts,” the Panel said in its determination.

“The planning proposal does not provide adequate consideration of the buildings’ street-edge interface, residential amenity, traffic and parking issues,” the Panel said.

“The excessive bulk and scale of the concept proposed development is not justified on this site.”

Mortdale RSL Club is also on record as saying the proposal offered a combination of commercial and residential development, with the commercial component giving the club a stable rental income into the future meaning the club is less reliant on EGM revenue.

According to its most recent financial report, the club posted an operating loss after income tax, of $109,950 for 2020-21. Net profit from gaming in the same year was just over $600,000. 

“The Club premises are dated and beyond economic repair in certain areas, requiring the construction of a replacement building which is also beyond the current financial resources of the Club,” it has stated. The Club said it will investigate its options at its next boarding meeting.

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