Act of Treason Australian Agave Spirit is pioneering the new era of agave, with the release of the first bottles for sale from Top Shelf International’s dedicated agave spirit farm and distillery in Queensland’s Whitsundays.

The inaugural First Harvest Blanco signals the arrival of Australian coastal agave. Several years in the making, Act of Treason is the spirit made for all-Australian Margaritas or sipping quickly. Just don’t call it tequila.

It is a true farm-to-bottle operation with plants grown, cooked, distilled and bottled from 100 per cent Agave tequilana (Blue Weber) at the Eden Lassie spirit farm and distillery, all powered by renewable energy.

Far from being a carbon copy of tequila however, Act of Treason embraces its own identity with distinct profile that exemplifies the best of Australian agave. A familiar backbone of cooked agave layered with notes of lime, fresh cut grass and tropical fruits, with complementary minerality delivering an elegant and soft spirit profile.

Bottles are available to purchase from its website,

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