Wood’s is excited to announce two bold additions to Australia’s best relish range: the creamy Tomato Relish Mayonnaise and the fiery Spicy Tomato Relish.

Two perfectly crafted twists on our award-winning classic Tomato Relish. These new gourmet condiments are ready to elevate your dishes with unparalleled flavour and quality.

Our award winning original tomato relish just got a whole lot hotter. We’ve infused fiery jalapeno peppers and sriracha sauce to add an invigorating burst of spice in our new Spicy Tomato Relish. Made with all Australian tomatoes we’re turning up the heat on our favourite recipe to bring you an all new flavour where heat meets sweet.

For the creamy Tomato Relish Mayonnaise, we’ve taken our original recipe and created the perfect pair. Combining it with mayonnaise in a spreadable, spiced tomato blend that solves all your problems in one go. Delicious, smooth Wood’s tomato relish mayonnaise is the perfect addition to all your paninis, salads, sandwiches, tacos and more.

Both new products are Gluten Free, Halal Kosher Certified, Australian Made and our Spicy Tomato Relish is Vegan Australia Certified. Available from all good food wholesalers.

Learn more at www.edlyn.com.au     

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