Wenty Leagues Let's Kosciuz-GO team: Luke Fuller, Rachel Melendez, Rebecca Gauci, Rosanna Melluso, and Stuart Jamieson.

Wenty Leagues’ marketing team is gearing up to tackle an 18-kilometre trek up Mount Kosciuszko in March as part of fundraiser campaign for the Brain Foundation and rallying behind their colleague and community engagement coordinator Rebecca Gauci, who was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor shortly after the birth of her second daughter in 2020.

The initiative, aptly named Let’s Kosciusz-Go, marks the beginning of a series of charitable endeavours for the southwestern Sydney club under its community brand, Heart of Wenty.

Stuart Jamieson, COO of Wenty Leagues Club, highlighted the club industry’s dedication to community support and collaboration with organisations like the Brain Foundation.

“Our involvement highlights the club industry’s profound impact on community welfare. Partnering with the Brain Foundation not only allows us to support Rebecca, but also showcases the club’s commitment to meaningful causes,” he stated.

Since her diagnosis, Gauci’s journey has involved a gruelling 22.5-hour surgery to remove the tumour, followed by intense rehabilitation to regain basic functions like walking, talking, and eating. Despite the physical and mental obstacles, Gauci remains resilient.

“I am incredibly thankful for the unwavering support of my team. Their encouragement and dedication mean the world to me. I am proud to be part of an organisation that not only supports its employees but also prioritises giving back to the community,” she said.

Working with the Brain Foundation has also been a source of positivity for Gauci.

“It is wonderful that through our initiative we will also be raising awareness and essential funds for brain research and support,” she said.

Wenty Leagues has set a target to raise $10,000 for the Brain Foundation as part of the initiative.

“Thank you so much to the Wenty Leagues team for your support. Community fundraisers are so appreciated – not only for the donations towards research, but also because it’s a chance to learn about the real impacts of brain diseases, disorders, or injuries. These stories are the reason our work is so important,” Brain Foundation CEO Trevor Thompson said.

To follow the team’s journey and donate to the important cause, visit Wenty Leagues’ Let’s Kosciusz-Go! page.

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