Victorian brewer, TWØBAYS Brewing Co. created the GFB brand to cater for beer drinkers who want that classic Aussie beer taste but can’t stomach the gluten in barley beers. The GFB brand pays homage to the classic easy drinking, Aussie beers that dominate the retail and on-prem marketplaces, but is brewed with gluten-free malts. With up to a quarter of Aussies claiming to avoid gluten at various times in their diet, the need for good gluten-free beers has become even more important.

And now TWØBAYS Brewing Co. can claim the title of the best gluten-free beer, winning gold for it’s mid-strength Session Ale at the 2024 World Beer Cup. Off the back of that success, TWØBAYS has just launched its newest product in the GFB core range, the GFB Aussie Ale. Lightly hopped and with low bitterness, GFB Aussie Ale ticks all the boxes for when you need a thirst quenching, refreshing beer, no matter if you are avoiding gluten or not.

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