Students can learn how to cross the road safely.

The Epping Club has helped Karonga School install purpose-built traffic lights and a crossing within school grounds that will be used to teach students about road and pedestrian safety.

The club provided a $100,000 contribution towards the year-long project under the ClubGRANTS program.  

Karonga, a school which caters to students with special needs, has been a beneficiary of the Epping Club since 2018. Previous projects have included sporting ground upgrades, support for the school’s gymnasium, the planting of a school orchard, and the development of an immersive classroom.

“We’ve long admired the remarkable work done by Karonga School, and we are thrilled to have facilitated this project for them,” Epping Club CEO Peter Saez said.

“My team and I are dedicated to leaving a meaningful legacy in our local community, and this initiative is a testament to that commitment. As we excitedly watch the students push the button on these lights for the first time, we are further inspired to continue our efforts in this domain.”

The installation of traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing in a school is a first state-wide.

“From stopping at the curb to waiting for the signal or sound, this practical approach is imparting vital life skills in an engaging manner. We’re excited to showcase this project to other schools across the state,” Karonga School principal Ruth Rogers said.

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