Troy Stolz v ClubsNSW is currently in the Federal Court.

Terminally ill former ClubsNSW employee Troy Stolz is back in hospital, days after giving evidence in the Federal Court where he is suing his former employer for defamation and alleged breaches of the Fair Work Act. The matter was scheduled to resume in the Federal Court today, at 10:15am. 

Stolz claims another ClubsNSW employee attempted to coerce his new boss into firing him after Stolz resigned from the registered club lobby group.

Troy Stolz.

In his Federal Court action he also says a memo was circulated by ClubsNSW that claimed he registered business names similar to those owned by ClubsNSW.

Stolz is seeking $1.9 million in damages for defamation, plus additional payments including annual leave for incorrectly being considered a contractor between 2012 and 2017.

“My intention is to clear my name,” Stolz, who is being treated for stage 4 esophageal cancer, told the court last week. “I’m happy I’ve had the opportunity, and my health’s holding enough, that I can be here to tell my story.”

In a countersuit, Stolz asked the Federal Court in November for contempt proceedings brought against him by ClubsNSW to be permanently stayed on the grounds they are an abuse of process.

ClubsNSW has launched criminal contempt proceedings against Stolz over an interview he gave to YouTuber Friendlyjordies in hospital in July, while he was receiving treatment for cancer. Stolz has also been accused of downloading confidential documentation and emails from his former employer before he left ClubsNSW.

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