A new kind of Digital Loyalty Wallet.

Player Elite has launched the first Digital Loyalty Wallet to be fully integrated with our #1 Digital Loyalty System.

At a time when competition for customer loyalty is at an all-time high, and loyalty points redemption platforms (Points to EFTPOS Cards) is getting more expensive and laborious and harder for members to understand. Player Elite has once again disrupted the space with our new product.

The old days and old ways are gone, slowly transfer Reward Points to Plastic EFTPOS cards is bad for the planet and bad for business. In a market where Responsible Loyalty is core to being an ethical operator a Digital Loyalty Wallet gives freedom of choice and clubs a new strategy.

If Club A has a loyalty program that transfer points to a slow or old model like EFTPOS Cards collected from a card stand or cashier and Club B down next door has instant transfer of Reward Points to a Digital Wallet then the game is over and Club B wins the war for loyalty!

The answer is the Digital Loyalty Wallet!

The Player Elite powered Digital Loyalty Wallet features:

  • Low fees
  • Easy use
  • Military Grade Security
  • Online use
  • Instant transfer of Bingo, Raffle Prizes, Rewards Points and Promotional Prizes
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay activation

Connecting straight to Player Elite’s Digital Loyalty System, members get real-time rewards and points transferred instantly. Unlike other gift cards, the Digital Loyalty Wallet has a full transaction history available through one easy to use platform. Members can also access their balance 24/7 and are able to spend their funds anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Player Elite’s security system ensures safe and secure transactions to the members phone, every single time. With an encryption and security programme designed to provide complete confidence that the recipient of every transaction is who it is meant to be, where it is meant to be, the Digital Loyalty Wallet is the most safe and secure rewards product available today.

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