How do you differentiate your club? When everybody has the same strategy?

In an industry where consultant-based loyalty cannot compete with digital powered loyalty programs, how does the modern club compete when points and discounts just don’t cut it anymore?

The answer is digital loyalty, delivered from a Digital Loyalty System (DLS)!

Modern competitive Clubs need a shift beyond traditional points programs and discounts!

In 2015, Player Elite spotted a gap in the loyalty market.

Traditional Club loyalty has failed due to:

  • ‘Cookie cutter’ programs meaning all Clubs get the same old tired loyalty program
  • Consultant based loyalty can be costly and slow  
  • Mobile phones have changed how customers receive their loyalty
  • Tech has not been automated and staff turnover constantly impacts the customer experience

We recognised that points and promotions weren’t strong enough to drive loyalty and with so much competition in the gaming and hospitality industry, operators were looking for ways to differentiate their venues, so Player Elite changed the game.

Player Elite’s digital loyalty program focuses on an automated system that gives a 360-degree view of loyalty for the member.  

Player Elite’s DLS delivers loyalty in three ways:

  • Gamification is one way to excite members daily, weekly and monthly. With a library of over 75+ games, members are constantly experiencing new ways to play and engage with the Club.
  • Automate the experience – all loyalty is delivered at the mobile phone or kiosk. No staff needed.
  • Customers get real time rewards delivered when they earn them – not weeks later when the consultant downloads the data.

Using Player Elite’s market leading technology, operators can reward their members in real time and communicate value directly via an SMS or through their app. This gives the venue a competitive advantage over the pub or club down the road lacking the resources to do the same.

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