As the demand for sustainable menu options continues to rise, restaurants must cater to the needs and preferences of their more conscious customer base. Gone are the days when customers looking for meat alternatives would settle for chickpea pattie drier than a Kimberley summer. Including plant-based products on your menu not only expands your culinary offerings, but also aligns your restaurant with the growing sustainability movement. Although, adding plant-based options doesn’t need to be complicated or come at the cost of flavour and creativity. If you follow the tips below, you might find some customer favourites.

Get to know your customers

This is a universal rule of menu planning that shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to sustainable dining. What customers do you currently have, and who are the new ones you want to bring in? Do they like the safe, and familiar or experimental experiences? Understanding your target audience will help you determine the types of plant-based products you could include and ensure that they align with your customers’ tastes and expectations.

Quality matters

Choose high-quality plant-based products. Partner with reputable suppliers and brands, like Impossible Foods, known for their superior meat made from plants. When it comes to plant-based, that ‘first bite’ is the moment of truth and will drive repeat business, so it’s essential to get it right.

Variety is the spice of life

Mixing things up on the menu is important; putting plant-based options into starters, mains and even desserts can show the versatility of different plant-based products and ingredients. We’d also recommend the ‘classic and hero’ approach, i.e. make a plant-based version of your bestseller and add some more innovative creations that highlight the flavour profiles of what’s being used. By providing varies options, you’ll appeal to a broader customer base and encourage exploration.

Highlight plant-based ingredients

Make it clear to your customers that you offer delicious plant-based options. By that, we don’t mean only a big green ‘V’, which can be counterproductive as it might prompt meat eaters to think that the dish isn’t ‘for them’. Use descriptive menu descriptions that emphasise the unique flavours, textures, and health benefits of plant-based products. Mention the specific plant-based meat or dairy alternatives you use, such as “made with Impossible™ Beef” or “creamy cashew-based cheese.” This level of transparency will not only attract plant-based diners but also pique the curiosity of others.

Train and educate your staff

We all know that a passionate team member is a more powerful sales tool than any menu description can ever be. Providing staff training and tastings on your plant-based options empowers the staff to discuss and recommend dishes confidently. Get teams clued up on the products, the nutritional benefits, preparation techniques, and allergen considerations associated so that customers can feel confident in their choices.

Ready to take your plant-based game to the next level? Impossible™ Foods offers a range of mouthwatering plant-based meat alternatives that taste and cook just like the real deal. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Impossible Foods fit on your menu, join the movement and be a part of the future of sustainable dining.