The old North Manly Bowling Club is being transformed into a state-of-the-art gymnastics and “multi-sport” facility.

The abandoned North Manly Bowling Club is to be transformed with the run-down Sydney site developed by Manly-Warringah Gymnastics Club into a 3000sqm indoor gymnastics and high-performance centre.

Northern Beaches Council has announced it has entered into a partnership with the gymnastics club to transform the derelict property into a state-of-the-art regional gymnastics and “multi-sport” facility.

Manly Leagues Club, which operated the bowling club, closed the site after management said it did not want to renew the lease. The clubhouse has since become derelict and has been the target of vandalism and graffiti since closing its doors in 2018. 

If the partnership, which includes a 30-year lease, gains approval the gymnastics club will be required to submit a development proposal to council for assessment.

Mayor Michael Regan said the new facility would provide a much-needed space for gymnasts on the Northern Beaches who are limited to other facilities.

“There is a great outcome for this popular recreation precinct and will complement the surrounding uses of golf, touch football, cricket and soccer,” he said.

The gymnastics club, which currently operates from a rental property in Cromer, employs more than 60 people, has more than 2000 members, has world-renowned coaches and has six or seven athletes who are training on national teams.

The new facility, which would operate as a  community-owned and not-for-profit club, would cater for gymnastics, trampoline and training for aerial sports including snow sports, diving, skateboarding and acrobatics.

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