The new Moreton Bay Boat Trailer interior by Ashley Cooper Construction. Credit: Facebook

It was smooth sailing for Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club’s biggest makeover in almost six decades as the first phase of its refurbishment opened to members and guests. Unveiled, so far, is a new restaurant and bar overlooking the water, new foyer and stairway, plus a new cantilevered deck.  

The latest renovation, being undertaken by Ashley Cooper Construction, is a much-needed upgrade as club membership continues to grow with 11,000 members to date.

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with such a time-honoured Brisbane venue, in undertaking the most significant refurbishment of the Club in 56 years which includes a complete refurbishment, constructing a spectacular new facade and implementing a significant building extension,” said Ashley Cooper Construction.

The new deck at Moreton Bay Boat Trailer Club.

While the club has remained open throughout the construction, the project had been delayed as it was originally scheduled to begin in March 2021. 

In addition to funds coming from the club, the renovation project was funded by a $1 million Queensland government grant, supported by local State Labor MP Joan Pease.

The last refurbishment of the venue was in 2005 when the clubhouse was extended and a deck overlooking the harbour was added.

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