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St Johns Park Bowling Club (SJPBC) Group has announced that Mollymook Beach Bowling Club is now part of the family following an amalgamation.

SJPBC CEO David Marsh said he couldn’t be happier about this outcome.

“This merger is a major milestone for all venues, promising greater benefits for our members,” he said in a statement.

The two clubs signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the end of April, under the consideration that all Mollymook Beach Bowling Club staff remained employed, and that mandatory repairs of club’s bowling greens and clubhouse, including the roof and air conditioning unit, would be carried out.

Speaking to Club Management, Mollymook Beach Bowling Club CEO Alan Shapley said the amalgamation will help secure the club’s future for the next decade and beyond

“This will be huge for not only our little club but also for the area, with an injection of not only capital expenditure but management expertise in club management and importantly, bowls management,” he said.

Shapley explained how for some time the club has been making its own way to cover bills, purchase equipment, pay off gaming machines, and donate to local charities, without earning substantial amounts that could pay for all-important building works required for a venue that is more than 50 years old.

“Management has been very frugal and has sought second-hand furniture, carpet, gaming benches, and even some kitchen equipment along the way, but the members and visitors to our club deserve more than this,” he said.

“Like all clubs located in the South Coast of NSW, we have massive holiday trade and many being repeat visitations, and for a small club we have a relatively large membership base. To ensure the long-term existence and viability, the Board and Management agreed that the club should explore more closely an amalgamation with a large like-minded venue.”

Mollymook Beach Bowling Club responded to an expression of interest from St John’s Park Bowling Club in October 2023.

“Some of the management team of St Johns Park have experienced the South Coast not only from a club management side but while on holidays, and so there was already some knowledge about what Mollymook Beach Bowling Club could and should be capable of achieving with their expertise and assistance,” Shapley explained.

Shapley added when the proposed amalgamation was put to a vote among its members, the result was “overwhelmingly positive”.  

Mollymook Beach Bowling Club now joins Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club, Wallacia Country Club, and Balmain Bowling Club that also make up the SJPBC Group.

“We are very proud and excited to become a part of this amazing group of successful clubs,” Shapley said.

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