The Mixologiq is the most advanced and interactive cocktail-making system ever created.

Mixologiq has revolutionised the way cocktails are prepared across the country.  The Mixologiq Cocktail Machine is the only automated cocktail machine in the world, helping you save time and make money.

A cocktail prepared in seconds? Yes, it’s true! After 5 years of research, development, and multiple patents, Mixologiq surpasses the needs of hospitality by mixing each drink in under 30 seconds and ensuring a faultless highest quality cocktail every single time! Its precise measurements, unshaken consistency and unbeatable speed, make it an invaluable asset to your restaurant, bar or lounge.

The Mixologiq is the most advanced and interactive cocktail-making system ever created. The Mixologiq comes with 100 pre-loaded cocktails, designed by professional bartenders that you can make with two taps of the interactive touch screen. Choose from an extensive variety of classical and signature cocktails as well as mocktails to cater for everyone. You can also load and customise as many cocktails as you like!

Say goodbye to waste and unnecessary costs and hello to the fastest, most precise, and perfect cocktail every time. The Mixologiq is the easiest and most cost-effective way to serve your customers their favourite cocktails flawlessly!

The Mixologiq doesn’t just pour the perfect cocktail every time – it also stores your liqueurs, mixers and other bar ingredients at their optimal temperatures for convenience and maximum quality while eliminating the cost of wasted stock. The Mixologiq’s internal database monitors your supply levels, so you know exactly what your venue needs to keep performing at the highest standard.

Whether it’s happy hour or a weekend hotspot, the Mixologiq crafts every cocktail with efficiency and precision in under 30 seconds. The easy-to-follow onscreen instructions for every recipe also ensure that every cocktail is garnished and served to perfection – meaning no more training, memorising or guesswork is involved.

Because the cocktail is produced with the highest margin sold at bars, you can increase your profits by offering your customers top-quality cocktails that taste amazing every time.

Consistency is key for returning customers, and The Mixologiq’s automated cocktail machine performs to the highest standard continually, bringing your customers back time and time again.

It’s a must-have for any bar, restaurant or function venue! It’s easy to install, easy to use and easy to clean, optimising your time while guaranteeing to make every cocktail to perfection.

Trust that every cocktail is made right with a Mixologiq behind your bar.

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Mixologiq is simple, easy to use and offers perfect cocktails every time.

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