There appears to be no imminent announcement for the panel set to oversee the Minns Government’s 12-month cashless gaming trial on 500 EGMs, despite a deadline passing last week. 

“The NSW Government is committed to an Independent Panel to oversee the upcoming cashless gaming trial of at least 500 machines in pubs and clubs across the state,” was all a spokesperson for Liquor & Gaming NSW would say.

“The panel will include representatives from industry, law enforcement, health and experts in the field of harm minimisation,” the spokesperson added.  

The delay follows a recent breach of data from financial technology business Banktech, which is involved in the government-approved Aristocrat cashless gaming trial at Wests New Lambton. ATM owner/ operator Banktech controls the communication between the “digital wallets” and the personal bank accounts of those 40 club members who were believed to be involved in the trial. The test was immediately shut down, a week earlier than scheduled, following the discovery of the breach.

Data security is one of the key arguments raised by those who may be forced to implement the technology.

“The Government believes any cashless gaming trial must have robust privacy and data security mechanisms in place,” Liquor & Gaming NSW said of its own proposed trial of 500 machines, which was part of a Minns Labor Party NSW election promise on gaming reform.  

As was pointed out in the Summer issue of Club Management in 2022 there are inherent issues with cashless gaming cards and data breaches.

“And so we come to the cashless card and the topic of sending gambling back underground. I’m not saying there isn’t problem gambling, but putting all your personal data on a gaming card looks a little suspect to me given current (date breach) events.”

Cyber Security NSW, the Australian Cyber Security Centre and NSW Police were investigating the breach, NSW Gaming and Racing Minister David Harris said.

“The NSW government strongly believes any cashless gaming trial must have secure privacy and data protections in place,” he said.

“The NSW government is committed to the establishment of an independent panel of experts to oversee its broader cashless gaming trial.”

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