An artist's impression of The Merewether resort retirement living project.

Merewether Golf Club in Newcastle has lodged an updated development plan with the local council, proposing to add 36 more apartments to its seniors living complex, while reducing the size of amenities for its new clubhouse.

In its original proposal, the project was to include 148 units.

According to the club’s general manager Adam Cecil, the updated plans come amid rising construction costs.

“When this project was first raised as a possibility for the club back in 2017/2018 the total build cost was under $80 million. Fast forward to now, and we are sitting at approximately $140 million for the total project,” he told Club Management.

“The move to redesign the development has been crucial to ensure that the development still moves forward rather than getting shelved like so many other developments we are seeing.”

Cecil noted that the club is edging closer to the expected building date. He pointed out that construction of the club’s new maintenance shed is proposed to begin in July, followed by construction of temporary club facilities in October before demolition of the current clubhouse begins at the end of January 2025.  

When completed, the Merewether Golf Club will include an over 55’s apartment complex that will feature a wellness centre and resident amenities. This will be attached to a new clubhouse, as well as an upgraded golf course and carpark.  

“According to this timeline, we will have the new clubhouse in operation by July 2026, with the golf course still remaining fully functional throughout the build process,” Cecil said.

“This is an extremely exciting time for the club, and we cannot wait to have everyone utilise our facility.”

Merewether Golf Club has partnered with Thirdi Group on the development.

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