L-R: Founders Brandon Crimmins, Jeremiah Siemianow and Alan Jin.

Live music platform, Muso, has undergone a rebrand, launching with an entirely new platform and updated look and feel under its new name, Surreal.

Surreal is an all-in-one software solution designed to streamline and simplify the organisation, management, and promotion of live entertainment. It empowers hospitality groups, independent venues and agencies to operate at their best across the globe. As part of the rebrand Surreal has launched into the UK and New Zealand, establishing the first global entertainment platform of this kind.

Surreal is faster and more efficient than the previous platform and can cater to a larger number of users. It is also optimised for venues, musicians and entertainers and talent agencies offering an enhanced platform with improved functionality and a better user experience.

The platform boasts over 10,000 artists, 5,000 venues and 54,000 gigs globally with $27,000,000 of payments being made through the platform per year. For more information please visit: https://surreal.live/

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