Synergy Grill is revolutionising the hospitality industry.

Level up your grilling game with Synergy Char Grills. With pioneering, award-winning technology, the Synergy Grill is revolutionising the hospitality industry.

Now exclusively imported and distributed in Australia by Stoddart, the Synergy Grill features a range of cooking innovations including high power and low energy consumption, enabling faster food preparation while significantly reducing energy costs.

The Synergy Grill creates less “potent” smoke, allowing staff to work in a cleaner, less polluted environment all while reducing CO² emissions with significantly less gas consumption.

Complete with a slow cook shelf for resting and multi-functional cooking as well as a garnish rail for easy user access to garnishes and bastings, the Synergy Trilogy Grills are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 cooking zone configurations.

To see a live demonstration of the Synergy Grill or ask for more information, contact Stoddart on 1300 79 1954 or email

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