Lady Banks Rooftop Bar has launched a new spring/summer menu offering, with an overhaul of both the food menu and the drinks list. The new menu not only focuses on lighter share plates for the warmer weather, but also ensures that the menu is inclusive both for people of various cultures, as well as dietary restrictions.

Lady Banks Rooftop Bar is situated on level 10 of Flinders Centre, a commercial office tower adjacent to Bankstown Sports. The club owns and operates Flinders Centre, including Lady Banks Rooftop Bar.

The Mediterranean-inspired menu of tapas and signature dishes features everything from burrata and zucchini salad to a 1.2kg Tomahawk steak, and includes a number of gluten-free options. The drinks list has also had an overhaul, including a range of spritzes, three signature cocktails and five new mocktails.

Venue manager Eliza Todoric said the new menu was reflective of the Bankstown and broader Sydney community.

“Our menu mirrors the diverse tastes of Sydney residents, celebrating the melting pot of cultures here. We want to serve everyone in this city no matter the distance. With a mix of demographics and food/dietary preferences, we want to keep that Mediterranean vibe while pleasing all. We’re hoping to draw guests from all over, encouraging them to try fantastic tapas, and share plates with friends and family, enjoying the feeling of being in a different city, although they’re right here in Bankstown.”

Part of that drive for inclusivity is the move to a share plates focus, meaning guests can feel comfortable dining at Lady Banks Rooftop Bar at any time of the day, and for any occasion.

“We wanted to break away from the traditional strict divisions between single entrees, mains, and desserts, offering a more flexible and inclusive dining experience. This is important to us as we want to encourage families and friends to join us and feel at home, rather than just having an experience the same as other venues,” explained Todoric.

Catering to dietary restrictions and ensuring there was a substantial non-alcoholic drinks list was also important to ensure the venue was truly inclusive for all diners.

“We wanted to do our absolute best to include everyone and ensure that they have a chance to enjoy an incredible dining experience, without the shame of asking for multiple changes to menu items. In addition to this, the local community has a large portion of individuals that are unable to consume alcohol due to religion or other reasons, so we want to ensure that we cater for them as well.”

The big shareplates like the Tomahawk steak and slow-cooked lamb shoulder are already the most popular dishes, but the smaller dishes of tuna tostadas, lamb arancini and fried zucchini flowers are also winners for the venue. Drinks-wise, the Lady Banks cocktail with ink gin and elderflower liqueur is a big hit with people whose tastes lean towards the sweet and fruity, while the Sir Banks cocktail with cognac, orange bitters and chocolate liqueur is popular with people who like something a little stronger. In the non-alc range, After Midnight with espresso and coconut is a winner, as well as Mango Magic.

The response so far to the new menu at Lady Banks Rooftop Bar has been very positive, with guests travelling from all over the state to try the new offering.

“We’ve had fantastic reviews from our guests. The management team are fantastic with a hands-on approach, striving to speak to all tables that join us, and our guests are super supportive of our new inclusive range, providing such stellar feedback,” stated Todoric.

“We encourage all feedback and are stoked to hear that people are travelling from all around New South Wales to join their families and friends at our establishment. We won’t shy away from suggestions or reviews, as we want to ensure we’re listening to everyone, so we can improve more and more every season.”

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