One touch auto blending with pre-set menu options, super-fast vacuum technology and a super-fine, smooth blend. If you want quality and consistency, the CB1000 delivers!

Quiet, high performance blender

  • Noise reduction technology and specially designed sound enclosure, this blender is quiet!

Quick Start Auto Blending with automatic open/close function

  • Ability to open/close the soundproof enclosure and start blending, all with just one touch. Save your most common recipe to this button for failproof ease.

 Want fast food?

  • Acai Bowl base is ready in less than a minute with just one touch (and no tampering) while toppings are being prepared or other customers are being served
  • Smoothies in less than 30 seconds
  • This is a staff-proof, fail-proof game changer!

Pre-Set Menu Buttons

  • 37 optimized recipes to suit your business, totally programmable in every aspect

Commercial durable motor and blade

  • The durable motor performance, asymmetrical container and blade structure ensures perfect blending

For more information go to or call 02 97980586 to book a demonstration.

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