The Glasshouse Bar and Lounge will be boast two new large LED screens for sports viewing.

It might still be early days, but Greenbank Services Club said that excellent progress is being made on its redevelopment project.

The three-stage redevelopment will see 90 per cent of the existing venue completely overhauled and expanded by an additional 800 square metres in floor space. The total project is expected to cost the club over $20 million.  

Greenbank Services Club general manager Tim Wright told Club Management that it is vital for clubs like Greenbank to refresh and innovate.

“There is so much competition around locally and online that we cannot expect members and guests to continue to support the club unless we continue to upgrade, provide new initiatives and importantly provide a wide variety of food that our heavily multicultural local community deserves to have on offer,” he said.

“The more successful the club is, the more community support that can be provided back to grassroot organisations and organisations that do not receive any support or funding from local council, state or federal government.”

He highlighted some of the new amenities that will be introduced as part of the revamp will include a new Barrel Room and Micro-Brewery Zone that will contain two custom four-metre-tall copper brite tanks, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and a mix of new and old-English brass and leather features. This space is scheduled to open in mid-October 2024.     

The Barrel Room is slated to open mid-October 2024.

Wright added the additional floor space will make way for a new entertainment precinct called the Glasshouse Bar and Lounge. The area will boast two massive glassed pitched roof features and house two large LED screens, plus a sophisticated Sunroom to provide a beautiful semi-private lounge space.  A new Deli Kitchen will be established to provide food direct into these new zones, according to Wright.

Additionally, a new Marketplace Dining precinct will be introduced and feature six food areas – Asian fusion, a Churassco grill, an American diner, salad bar, and dessert area – with 75 per cent of this space expected to be ready to trade by October 2024.

“With a very large membership and active membership base as well as the onset of Queens Wharf Casino in Brisbane in late 2024, Greenbank saw the need to provide our members and the greater Logan community with a community hub and facility that is modern, comfortable, innovative, and will appeal to many tastebuds with the introduction of the Marketplace Dining precinct,” Wright said.  

A new reception area will be part of the new-look venue.

The club is working with Paynters, COHA Group and Altis to bring its vision to reality, and has been conscious of keeping the club operating while construction has been ongoing.  

“We were blessed to have a large footprint to be able to move facilities, so we did not have to force our members and guests to other local venues during construction,” Wright explained.  

“It would have been easier to simply close areas, rebuild and reopen however that is inconvenient to our members and takes away an area that may be a member’s favourite space or activity or their only opportunity to engage with friends. Social isolation had a major impact on our members through 2020 and we do not want to inflict that on them again.” 

The club expects work to be completed by early 2025.

“Our vision is to provide our members with an experience that they can be proud of, one that is modern, innovative and shows appreciation to the members for their continued support over the last 35 years,” Wright said.

“The club has grown over time, but we now wish to deliver furnishings and comfort levels not experienced in clubs and hotels before in Queensland.” 

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