Ed Lauder and Kerrie Downes from Hyne in the new Tumbarumba Turf Club kitchen.

Tumbarumba Turf Club, the recipient of Hyne Timber Community Trust grant worth more than $10,000, is celebrating the opening of its new kitchen as the next round of grants open. While it may be small change to many big clubs, the grant has enabled the turf club in the Snowy Mountains to complete a kitchen refurbishment project at a venue that would have otherwise struggled to afford the renovation.

Tumbarumba Turf Club volunteer, Ed Lauder said the kitchen refurbishment is now complete thanks to the support of the Hyne Community Trust and the many volunteers who provided support and labour.

“From its humble beginnings, the Tumbarumba Turf Club is a story of ‘by community, for community’,” he said. “The Hyne Community Trust has enabled us to refurbish the kitchen by installing a new lining, stainless steel benches, a new window, all new lighting and power points and fresh paint.

“Most of the labour was donated by the many volunteers who support the club. This kitchen not only supplies food and drinks on race days but can be hired at any time by members of the community for a small fee to cover costs such as power.

“We are already seeing it used for community meetings, birthdays and charity fundraisers,” Lauder added.

Hyne Timber is a leading manufacturer and distributor of engineered and architectural timbers for the building and construction industry. Products include timber decking and flooring materials, structural timbers, timber beams and timber frames as well as structural timber design software.

The Tumbarumba Turf Club has previously received funds from the Hyne Community Trust to purchase and install a large water tank to improve the water pressure for amenities. Hyne Timber has also donated timber for the construction of stalls and amenities. Other Tumbarumba clubs to have benefited from Hyne grants include Tumbarumba Golf Club, the Equine Club, the Swimming Club, the Tumbarumba Batlow Minor League, Tumbarumba Garden Club, Tumba Sports Motorcycle Club, Tumbarumba Football and Netball Club, Tooma Cricket Club and Cycle Tumbarumba.

The next round of applications closes at the end of June and projects must be valued at more than $10,000. Contact tumbatrust@hyne.com.au

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