Merry Christmas and have a safe festive season.

If 2022 was anything to go by, the Clubs Industry will face many more challenges in 2023 but, as always, clubbies have a way of working through and overcoming obstacles. With gaming front and centre in the eyes of the general media, state politicians and minor political parties, many continue to see the industry as one-dimensional – but it is far from it, as anyone who has worked in the industry knows.

The positive social impact that clubs have and the benefits to their millions of members cannot and will not be underestimated. It’s not only big clubs or club groups with flashy gaming rooms either – small, pokie-free regional clubs need to benefit their members as well.

The challenge ahead will be to put forward a best-case scenario for the future of your club, no matter where it is nationwide, to look at your local political agenda and see how any changes will affect you, your membership and your clubhouse.

There will no doubt be significant upheaval but if your club or club group is forward-thinking then you will have already created alternative revenue streams to gaming, you will have made sure all your P&Ls are on target and your business line managers are accountable. You will also have invested wisely in a masterplan and have taken into consideration any changes that are bound to impact your bottom line.

It’s about diversity and opportunity. Creating diversity among your club offerings, diversity in your membership and the opportunity to reinvent and reinvigorate your space and the opportunity to grow again in a new direction.

As you will have seen by our quarterly magazine and our weekly newsletter, Club Management is solutions-based, and if you have come up with your own solution, be it renovation, innovation or diversification, then share it with us and we will share it with the thousands of readers who now enjoy a national industry publication about clubs, for clubs.

Club Management Editor Grant Jones.

All the very best to you, your staff and your members over the festive season. We will be back with a newsletter on 1 February.

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Grant Jones


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