Hospitality design by EJE

 EJE Architecture is a multi-disciplinary design practice providing creative solutions for the built environment. EJE offers professional services in Architecture, Heritage Architecture, Interior Design, Hospitality design and Urban Planning.

Whether it’s a bar, a restaurant, a club or a resort, EJE’s designs for hospitality spaces have always understood the nature of social interaction and the advantages that warm, friendly and generous spaces can lend to the industry of Service and Hospitality. Technically, EJE designs encompass logic and efficiency in the background to ensure that everything runs smoothly at service. Key to setting this mood is the element of design in the space, to capture attention and make patrons feel comfortable and welcome.

With 46 years’ experience and over 130 hospitality projects completed in the last 20 years alone, EJE’s expertise, skill and innovation is sure to transform any venue from good to great. | 02 4929 2353 |

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