Doxa's Clocks venue may soon add a whiskey bar.

Doxa’s two unique clubs in Melbourne’s CBD are set to pivot with a whisk(e)y bar planned for Clocks at Flinders St and a revamped Asian offering at Central Point by Melbourne Central.

Federico Padayao has been appointed Executive Chef of the new Kuma Japanese Restaurant on Elizabeth St which currently operates as Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. Tokyo offered basics such as udon, gyoza and bento boxes but bargain hunters loved the after 5pm all-you-can-eat deal.

Federico has extensive experience in the Asian space and, prior to joining Doxa, was head chef at Ichini Nana in Fitzroy. He may also show off his teppanyaki skills, as he demonstrated here in the Maldives in a YouTube video.

Located at Flinders Street Station, Clocks currently offers coffee, an a la carte bistro in Green Light, plus TAB and EGMs. The whisk(e)y bar at Clocks is still in the planning and permit stages.

Doxa Community Club was founded by Father Joe Giacobbe in 1986 to provide funding, through the operation of its venues, to the Doxa Youth Foundation to finance their work in the community for disadvantaged youth.

The interior of Clocks at Flinders Street Station.

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