One of Regent St Pavilion's bowling greens has been converted into an al fresco dining and entertainment space.

Regents Park Bowling Club has been rebranded Regent St Pavilion and been given a major upgrade to its alfresco offering.

Affectionately known as the ‘Rego’ by local members, the club first opened sixty years ago in western Sydney, and has been a hidden gem for Regents Park residents. But DOOLEYS Group recognised the post-covid shift in consumer behaviour to favour outdoor F&B and entertainment options, and the need for the venue to evolve.

To cater to a diverse and ever-growing local market, one of three of the club’s outdoor bowling greens has been reimagined into an alfresco dining and entertainment space. The club’s GM Tomasz Pytraczyk told Club Management that the name change was also in part a reflection of that move towards outdoor-centred experiences.

As you approach via Regent Street, a previously understated entrance, the venue greets you with a vista of the alfresco dining space, which is expected to be the crowning jewel of Regent St Pavilion.

The outdoor space comprises an all-weather marquee, a pop-up bar and an outdoor kids play area. There’s a variety of relaxed, comfortable seating in the shade, or intimate tables to invite any type of group or social experience.

With a focus on appealing to a younger demographic, Regent St Pavilion aims to captivate young families, who make up nearly a quarter of the local Regents Park community.

“DOOLEYS is pleased to have been able to reimagine the venue for future generations, giving it a much-needed refresh that resonates with the new families and young people joining Regents Park and the local Cumberland community every day,” stated DOOLEYS’ CEO David Mantle.

“As we endeavour to expand our younger membership base, we remain committed to catering to our loyal members with enhanced food and beverage offerings, favourite club activities, and our signature friendly service.”

The food offering at Regent St Pavilion has also been revamped, under the guidance of head chef Madan Panit, a two-time award-winner in the ClubsNSW Perfect Plate Awards. The menu combines Australian flavours with an American twist, emphasising value for money and quality. Classics like schnitzel, battered fish, and steak will remain on the menu, alongside Pandit’s award-winning lamb rump and pork ribs with a homemade smoky BBQ glaze.

A revamp of the internal spaces of the Regent St Pavilion will begin next year.

Keep an eye out for the Summer issue of Club Management, out soon, for a more in-depth look into the new Regent St Pavilion, with more insights from GM Tomasz Pytraczyk.

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