The U campaign was launched during Community Clubs Awareness Week. Images: Facebook/Clubs Queensland.

Last week, Clubs Queensland celebrated Community Clubs Awareness Week, launching a new campaign to coincide with the week’s celebrations and highlight the driving force behind the state’s clubs – U.

The intent of Community Club Awareness Week has always been to shine a light on the work clubs do that directly benefit the communities they serve.

Clubs Queensland’s previous campaign was a call to arms for people to join the club – to join their local community club and become a part of the original and most powerful social network.

This year, the organisation took aim at where responsibility lies to further the cause of community clubs so they can better serve their respective communities – especially at a time when people need them the most.

One of several U campaign images released during Community Clubs Awareness Week.

In a release, the state body said:

“Clubs Queensland are well aware there are some in the state’s respective communities who are struggling at present – financially, mentally and physically.

“Community Clubs Awareness Week presents an opportune time to reflect on the sizeable contribution their members make to both the Queensland economy and the community at large, particularly to those less fortunate.”

Queensland’s clubs achievements were highlighted during the week, including:

  • Contributing over $2 billion dollars to the Queensland economy each year;
  • employing more than 23,000 people; and
  • committing $1 billion in cash and in-kind support to the Queensland community each year.

Events were held throughout Community Clubs Awareness Week, including a Parliamentary Friends of Clubs Dinner.

As part of the U campaign, creative assets were released thanking club members, communities, staff and government support in making the state’s clubs such an integral part of the community and economy.

Clubs Queensland CEO Kelly Egan speaking at the Parliamentary Friends of Clubs Dinner.

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