(l-r): Clubs Queensland CEO Kelly Egan; DVConnect Director Clinical Governance Dr Kelly Dingli; Queensland Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, the Honourable Yvette D’Ath; and Drinkwise CEO Simon Strahan at Redcliffe Leagues Club.

DrinkWise and Clubs Queensland have launched a new initiative to remind Queenslanders about the importance of moderating their alcohol consumption, always being respectful towards others and knowing that support services are there to provide help and advice if needed.

Launched on Friday 11 August by Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, the Honourable Yvette D’Ath, the DrinkWise/Clubs Queensland initiative aims to clearly set expectations around acceptable behaviour in Queensland clubs. It also reinforces that if people are having trouble managing their consumption or behaviour, asking for help is okay with a number of support of services available including 13YARN, DVConnect and ReachOut available to offer advice and support.

Over 442 Clubs Queensland member venues, including community, sporting, RSL, golf, bowls and surf lifesaving clubs, will display moderation, respect and responsibility themed posters, coasters and digital assets throughout their venues.

Coasters, posters and digital assets encouraging moderation will be displayed in 442 Clubs Queensland member venues.

Clubs Queensland CEO Kelly Egan said the association was proud to back the initiative, focused on the wellbeing of all who enjoy Queensland clubs.

“Clubs Queensland is proud to get behind this initiative that further supports our patrons and families having a great experience in Queensland clubs. Respecting those around you and consuming responsibly if drinking alcohol is a key element. Clubs Queensland are always supportive of messages that encourage conversations about mental health, given clubs play a vital role as a social hub in Queensland communities.

“We want to ensure that our customers who come together to connect, watch sport, play sport, or catch up with friends and family, have a great time and also use these opportunities to talk about local issues and support each other,” said Egan.

This latest initiative expands upon DrinkWise’s education efforts in Queensland, which increased after the organisation’s research revealed Queenslanders (34%)* are significantly more likely to be drinking alcohol at risky levels when compared with the nation’s average (28%)*.

Risky drinkers are classified as people who consume 10 or more standard drinks a week or more than four standard drinks a day.

 “The latest Australian Government statistics confirm that Australians are continuing to make healthier and safer decisions with respect to their alcohol consumption. Over the past 15 years we have seen drinking habits change substantially, with less drinking at risky levels and many reporting that they have cut back on their consumption**,” stated Drinkwise CEO Simon Strahan.

“Of course, while the majority of Australians are choosing to drink within the recommended government guidelines, there are still some who are drinking at risky levels, engaging in anti-social behaviour or turning to alcohol as a coping strategy, which is why we’re increasing our efforts in Queensland.”

Attorney-General D’Ath said: “This collaboration with DrinkWise, industry and community will help to promote a great experience for patrons as well as reinforcing expectations around individual responsibility when entering Queensland clubs. Everyone should feel safe and respected in our Queensland hospitality venues, so I’m proud to support this great new initiative.”

The launch of the initiative was held at Redcliffe Leagues Club, home of the NRL Dolphins.

More information about the initiative can be found on the DrinkWise website.

* Source: DrinkWise Zero, Low & Mid Alcohol Report August 2021
** Source: AIHW, National Drug Strategy Household Survey Report 2019.

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