Employee experience platform Third Place and tap, order and pay business me&U have teamed up to launch #WFHospoWeek, an initiative to encourage people who work from home to spend some of that time working from their local club, pub or café. Not only does this stimulate business for local hospitality venues, but it also strengthens the mental health, overall wellbeing and productivity of workers who don’t leave their homes often throughout the work week.

This week, from 16-20 October, local hospitality venues taking part in the initiative will open their doors to Australian workers with new work spaces and worker-friendly food and drinks specials, to get a taste of the vibrant atmosphere of ‘working from hospo’ at their favourite venue.

Several venues across Australia are taking part in the initiative, including Bankstown Sports, through its Cornerstone Coffee & Kitchen, dubbed a ‘laptop-friendly’ café.

In a call-out on social media to promote #WFHospoWeek at Cornerstone Coffee & Kitchen, the club stated: “Experience the perfect blend of productivity and pleasure with the finest Campos Coffee, served in a lively atmosphere that’s sure to put a smile on your face.”

#WFHospoWeek was born from research conducted by me&u that revealed strong interest in visiting worker-friendly venues, and using these venues as a third space. Nearly three in five (58%) Aussies who work and dine in venues would use venues as a working location if they had sufficient provisions, and three in five (60%) would like to use venues more often to meet colleagues or associates during the working day. 

Moreover, 2023 research from Third Place found that workers typically utilise ‘third place’ hospitality venues two to three times per week for an average of one to three hours and often return with family and friends. Additionally, the research revealed that 86 per cent of workers find third-place hospitality spaces contribute positively to overall wellbeing, and 98 per cent would continue to use and support their local venues by using the spaces for work in the future.

Australia’s leading expert in flexible and remote work practices Professor Dr John Hopkins, said, “in the evolving landscape of work, the #WFHospoWeek initiative highlights the pivotal role third places have in redefining overall workplace well-being.”

“Research has shown that working from third places, like the pub, has a wealth of positive impacts, including reducing stress, sparking creativity, increasing focus and boosting mood, with 86% of Australians noting that working from third places has a positive effect on their overall well-being.”

“Additionally, gathering with co-workers in venues often results in a new sense of camaraderie and accountability. These shared experiences not only prevent burnout but also create a space for mental recharge, boosting resilience. So, #WFHospoWeek is a great way for businesses and workers to embrace a new and exciting era of flexible working conditions and head towards a future where work is not just a task but a journey of balance and personal development.”

You can find more information on #WFHospoWeek here.

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