A new look for Atherton International Club. Picture: Brendan MacRae Photography

Atherton International Club in Far North Queensland has unveiled its $3 million makeover after nearly nine months of construction – with a bit more to come. The refurbished venue features nine big TV screens and two pool tables in the Sports Bar, a larger gaming room and lounge bar and a new expanded main bar and larger dining area for Michael’s Cuisine.

State-of-the-art technology includes a special 3D lighting feature in the lounge bar area that can be changed to suit different themes, such as the broadcast of State of Origin games.

Outlay for new furniture included $60,000 for 60 new chairs in the gaming room. 

A new deck at the rear of the building is also near completion with a new totally-enclosed space soon to offer patrons climate-controlled comfort while they enjoy the views across to the mountain range and one of the Seven Sisters. 

Several different function spaces have also been created within the club which can cater for functions of all sizes, from a smaller room off the dining area for 30-40 people, to The Boardroom for 25-30 people and the hall which can cater to around 200 people.

The dining area and main kitchen have been expanded, the takeaway area has also been upgrade and there is now a dedicated children’s activity room with computers and games. 

Staff are happy with their new surrounds at Atherton International Club. Picture: Brendan MacRae Photography

Three new bathrooms now service the venue and back-of-house, and the manager’s office has been refurbed and increased in size. 

“From the time they walk through the door to the time they walk out, it’s got to be a great experience for patrons,” the Club president told local press.

Folklore has it that one of the local Italian card players went to Sydney in the 1970s to see friends and was inspired by the Italian Club in Parramatta. He returned to Atherton and suggested they build a similar venue in the town and, after much fundraising, the first clubrooms opened in 1978. 

In the early 1990s, the kitchen was expanded and a carpark built, and the old bocce courts were bulldozed to make way for new courts. Atherton International is also home to soccer and touch football clubs. 

Between 2009 and 2011 more renovations took place with the roof replaced, interior renovations completed and a new storage area built. The latest redevelopment commenced last year.

The new-look bistro at Atherton International Club. Picture: Brendan MacRae Photography

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