ProVisual’s updated interactive AR app also includes digital access to a range of SafeWork initiatives including videos. Picture: IStock

Mental health and well-being post-Covid is a focal point of the latest free Club Managers Guide to Workplace Safety 2023 augmented reality app. ProVisual’s updated interactive AR app also includes digital access to a range of SafeWork initiatives including videos to assist Club Managers in identifying employees who may be experiencing mental health issues and helps them know how to offer assistance, particularly post-Covid. 

The help may come in the form of early intervention and preventative guidance on staying healthy and maintaining a good work-life balance as well as educating managers on the benefits of mentally healthy workplaces.

The guide is distributed free of charge via subscription and personally received via post nationally at all RSL, sporting & league clubs, soccer and football clubs, plus bowling and golf clubs.

The guide is also endorsed by the National Safety Council of Australia Foundation (NSCA) and assists in recognising and controlling the key hazards specific to Club Managers, with the latest WHS Regulatory Guidelines & Framework focused on proactive prevention of injury, ill-health and essential information in order to help create a workplace safety culture of Zero Harm.

Pro-Visual’s CEO John Hutchings says the advances in digital technology and AR continue to improve WHS education and training in leaps and bounds. 

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality work environment has dramatically changed with an increased sense of insecurity among employees and their perception of being unemployed, adversely affecting their mental health and psychological distress,” Hutchings said. 

“Furthermore, following in-depth research and feedback following the release of the 2021 edition, mobility restrictions and lockdowns during COVID-19, workplace interactions were limited or completely prevented.

“These findings have provided a new dimension to Club Managers to address psychological factors associated with their employees’ mental health and also highlights the increasing need for Mental Health & Wellbeing investment in the hospitality industry which is a primary focus of the newly released Club Managers Guide to Workplace Safety 2023.”

Other subjects covered by the app include Food Safety Practices, Positive Performance Indicators, WHS Induction Training & Supervision, Fatigue Risk Management and Kitchen Safety: Cuts and Lacerations Prevention.

The free AR Interactive Club Managers Guide to Workplace Safety 2023 can be used on any smart device, by downloading the free Pro-Vis AR App via the App Store or Google Play. 

The Club Managers AR chart. Picture: ProVisual

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