Upgrades to Calwell have been made in time for the winter football season.

Brindabella Blues Football Club have welcomed a safer and more enjoyable home ground to play on following full restoration works to the playing surface. Club president, Ryan Webeck, said the works on Calwell District Playing Fields by the ACT Government had transformed the surface.

Existing surfaces were removed in late 2021 and replaced with 106 cubic metres of organic material before being levelled and prepared for winter soccer season 2022. 

“It’s been a huge upgrade, particularly on the field used by our premier league teams; it’s like carpet compared to last year,” Ryan said.

The scraped ground ready for resurfacing. Picture: Facebook

“It means we have a more consistent, more enjoyable, and safer playing surface.

“The field is now one of the best in the region and, as it matures over the next 12-18 months, it should only improve.

“Our club greatly appreciates the work carried on our fields and I want to thank the ACT Government’s field maintenance crew for their efforts.”

Local sportsgrounds were restored and upgraded ahead of the winter season, with the ACT Government taking advantage of the milder summer and recent rainfall.

A two-week closure of sportsgrounds across Canberra, between 18-31 March, allowed for important maintenance work to be completed by the ACT Government.

Blues Football Club President Ryan Webeck has welcomed a safer and more enjoyable home ground. Pictures: ACT Government.

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