Wynn’s have “reframed” the classics by releasing some modern, and sometimes unexpected, varietal blends in a range of four wines; a Reframed Fiano, Pinot Grigio, Arneis (white field blend); a Reframed Cabernet Rose; a Reframed Shiraz Riesling; and a Reframed Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon blend.

The white field blend is a trio of Italian varietals reframed from the Australian Limestone Coast untamed. This red lover’s white is a year-round delight and our tribute to the emerging Italian varietals making their mark on Australia’s Limestone Coast. Spicy, citrusy Fiano leads the style with Pinot Grigio and Arneis adding weight and hints of perfume. Crisp and refreshing but opulent enough to sit on any dinner table.

The Cabernet Rose: A classic Coonawarra reframed, Cabernet creatively untamed. A rosé-tinted view, Where old meets new…

Wynns’ treasured Cabernet vines bring a sophisticated subtlety to our first Cabernet rosé. Bestowed with a refined acidity and hints of sweet fruit, this is a complex and refreshing drink to be enjoyed all year round

An accident of history reclaimed: Shiraz – with Riesling – “reframed”. These so-called rogue vines do make for fascinating wines!

Some Riesling cuttings accidentally made their way into our first Shiraz vineyard. Now we’re unleashing the rogue on purpose. Gentle acidity and soft red fruits combine in a surprising marriage to brighten any occasion.

Wynns Reframed Shiraz Riesling echoes the Rhone tradition of adding a small percentage of viognier to enhance aromatics and bringing a softer texture to structural shiraz. The floral notes of Coonawarra shiraz are elevated in this blend and fresh bight fruit is presented with both softness and energy, for a versatile food pairing experience.

For Cabernets, Wynn’s are famed globally so two legendary grapes have been reframed (This famous father Cabernet and son Franc) to prove two Cabs are better than one!

Cabernet Franc is a lighter, more fragrant version of its better-known child, Cabernet Sauvignon. In this family blend, the perfume and soft tannins of Cab Franc are given a boost of depth and lusciousness by our legendary Coonawarra Cab Sav. A summer red that’s more than cosy enough for winter.

Wynns Winemaker, Sarah Pidgeon, said the new tier utilises innovation at every stage and leverages the incredible knowledge Wynns has accumulated with its legacy of world-renowned cabernets of Coonawarra terroirs.

“Our new Reframed wines give us licence to approach varieties in different ways using unusual varietal combinations for Coonawarra and the Limestone Coast,” said Pidgeon.

“We’re taking the knowledge and experience of the Wynns team and putting a modern twist on our traditional winemaking practices by exploring new ways to express our beautiful grapes. We’re picking earlier for freshness with barbeques, beaches, picnics, and casual occasions in mind. We’re blending in unexpected ways to build interest and texture, and we’re bringing a lighter touch to winemaking by using little or no oak to maintain the freshness and aromatics of each wine.”

Are you willing to push the boundaries and try something “reframed”?