All hospitality businesses need some kind of POS system, but they often
don’t know what they want or need until they’ve seen it. Abacus POS can help you reduce costs, streamline your operations, improve your customers’ experience and, most importantly, increase your sales.

The benefit of working with Abacus is that we can customise a system that
suits your requirements exactly. Whether you have one terminal in one location or many across multiple locations, we’ll work with you to optimise your business operations.

With Tyro EFTPOS integration, whether you run a bricks and mortar business
or an online store, our fully integrated software will allow you to manage your
business better from a laptop or smart device. From rostering to stock
management, monitoring sales through to running comprehensive reports,
and everything in between. And our cloud based systems — which work even when you’re offline — mean you’ll no longer have to worry about backing up your data.
If you’re just starting up, we can even help you with all your hardware requirements like scales, scanners, printers and cash drawers. All fully integrated, so you don’t need to be a networking guru.

In fact, all of our systems feature user-friendly interfaces, so you can concentrate on what you do best and let us worry about the back end for you. Worried about lengthy wait times for customers at your venues? With the Abacus Self-Ordering kiosk, you can minimise queues by having your customers place their orders themselves. And you can add a cash machine for complete automation.

Further, by integrating Tyro’s Dynamic Surcharging solution, you can save money by having the discretion to pass on any or all of the costs of the transaction to the customer.

Our kiosks – available as Wall Mounted, Counter Top or Freestanding models

Feature a visual and interactive touch screen display, so you can encourage
sales with pictures rather than words. And at the same time, your customers
can check out your sides, drinks and other snacks. With orders going straight
through to the kitchen, there’s no need for interaction with your front counter

Easy for the customer, time-saving for you. Smiles all around! If you’re in the online game, our Online Ordering POS solution lets your customers order and pay from anywhere on mobile or desktop platforms. And by integrating your Abacus POS with food delivery platforms, you can provide good service without having the added task of managing your own drivers.

So your customers are satisfied, and you’re not overwhelmed with tasks that
aren’t in your wheelhouse. We also integrate marketing tools like email & SMS campaigns, Loyalty Marketing and the ability to create vouchers and gift cards, to keep your customers coming back for more.

Call 1300 552 535 or visit to book a demo or find out how we can
customise a solution that works for your business.

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