Restaurants everywhere are facing staff shortages. In Australia, employers are still looking for more workers in every industry – especially F&B.

As a result, restaurants, takeaways, and ghost kitchens face the prospect of trying to run operations with fewer team members. And possibly having to pay more to hire staff. Happily, tech companies are stepping up to help the industry out.

Cutting-edge restaurant software can help overcome issues by automating repetitive tasks and making operations more efficient. The right delivery management platform can even help reduce staffing costs while making performance better. How can this be possible?

Here are some of the ways tech can help you overcome problems caused by staff shortages.

How restaurant delivery tech can help alleviate staffing problems

Automate away repetitive tasks

When you have orders coming in from multiple channels – online, by phone, and from multiple third-party delivery partners – things can quickly get messy at the front-of-house. If each ordering platform gives you one tablet, you can have multiple devices sitting at the counter. And things quickly escalate if you’re operating more than one brand on multiple channels.

Once the orders come in, team members have to juggle all these devices during a busy service and then manually add orders from all the channels into the POS. A frazzled employee dealing with all this can easily make mistakes or miss entire orders, leading to grumpy customers and lost revenue.

The good news is, you can avoid having to appoint someone to re-punch orders all-day by tidying up your front-of-house with an ordering management solution. Deliverect consolidates all your orders into one dashboard from which they can be painlessly managed. It automatically sends orders through to the POS in a consistent format. No more order errors and no manual punching saves a ton of time for your precious team members.

Streamline delivery operations

You can go further than the front-of-house in cleaning up your delivery operations. A kitchen display system, or KDS, gives your cooks a crystal clear picture of all the orders currently being prepared. Large screens, like the ones you might have seen at fast-food restaurants, track the progress of orders right through the production line.

A KDS linked up with an order management system like Deliverect is even better. As the orders come through the POS and into the kitchen, cooks can see which platform they have come from along with all the other key information they need – like any special requests, allergies, and add-ons.

A smooth production process leads to a happy kitchen, meaning staff will stay with you for longer. On top of this, a more efficient operation can run with fewer staff, so you may find your staffing needs are actually reduced. The combination of less chaos, fewer errors, and faster deliveries ultimately leads to happier customers and a better ranking on the delivery platforms for improved sales.

Centralize menu management

Another time-consuming task for omnichannel restaurants is managing all your menus on third-party delivery platforms. Team members have to log in to multiple accounts to make the simplest of changes. In fact, some platforms only accept changes by email, which can take days or even weeks.

Deliverect allows you to manage your menu centrally with changes and updates pushed out instantly to all your delivery partners, including Menulog, Uber Eats, Doordash, and all the other major players in Australia. Less time spent managing menus in multiple places will free up your team members to focus on other areas like improving customer service.

Automate and alleviate stress with Deliverect

With all these efficiencies in place, Deliverect can help reduce staffing costs on average by a staggering 25%. Helping you reduce the amount of staff needed, while also improving delivery operations.

That means lower costs for the business, a happier team, and happier customers! Until staffing levels return to normal, smart restaurant operators are looking for ways to make efficiency and cost-saving gains. Book a demo today to see how much Deliverect can save your restaurant.