This is why thousands of venues are using Kaddy for beverage discovery and ordering

When looking for new products in the bar, where do you start? The thought of jumping online to start the search or calling all your reps for recommendations can seem daunting. What’s new? What’s popular? What’s the cost? Then, when you do find new suppliers, there’s the endless backwards and forwards and having to fill out countless credit applications…

What if it didn’t have to be this way? 

What if you could easily find new products and brands, compare pricing, connect with suppliers and order all before your coffee gets cold? And do it all for free? 

That’s where Kaddy Marketplace comes in. As Australia’s leading Marketplace for wholesale beverage discovery, ordering and payments, Kaddy offers a whole suite of answers to your pressing problems. Here are a few reasons why thousands of venues and clubs like yours are using Kaddy: 

  1. To save time and money

Kaddy Marketplace gives you instant access to a huge range of wholesalers, distributors and producers. Find products, compare pricing and deals, connect with individual suppliers and order in a matter of minutes.

Ordering from multiple suppliers at once? Easy. With Kaddy’s multicart function, you can do it all in one transaction with all invoices in one place. Think how happy your accounts team will be!

  1. Access Kaddy’s unmatched range

With over 2,700 brands and 20,000 SKUs to choose from, Kaddy is the only login you need to discover new products and order from your favourite suppliers. 

As Sam Hunt from Bankstown Sports says: “I use Kaddy a lot, partly because it is super convenient and easy to use, but also as it is a great way to discover products, new and old… I have discovered and formed relationships with [suppliers] that I otherwise would not have.” 

You really can find everything on Kaddy, whether it’s your staple spirit brands distributed via ILG, S&P Liquor, Boozebud or National Liquor Wholesalers, to weird and wonderful products like Brewdog’s Shandy Shack

Kaddy has everything from the country’s most popular non-alc beers (like Heaps Normal) to craft favourites (like Mountain Culture). Or the best cocktail RTDs – a must-have category in any bar without a mixologist on-hand – including top sellers like Curatif, Archie Rose’s Espresso Martini or Melbourne Martini’s Tommy Tequila Margarita.

  1. Get the inside scoop on the latest data, insights and trends

Consumer tastes are changing rapidly, and there’s a growing appetite to discover new things. It’s more important than ever to keep your drinks list exciting and enticing. Kaddy Marketplace helps take the guesswork out while you’re shopping, allowing you to easily find the fastest-moving products in the trade. Tap into the data from over 3,000 venues across all categories of beverages, with the added bonus of weekly recommendations, newly added products, trends and insights from our rich database.

Kaddy also offers you insights and opinions you’ll want to hear about (free) via Kaddy Community, including interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry, alongside trends and discovery pieces about what’s really happening in the beverage world.

  1. Discover innovative solutions 

Need a solution to the plastic straw ban that isn’t a soggy paper tube? No worries, try Kaddy-exclusive brand PENKA which produces straws and cutlery made from agave fibres leftover from the production of tequila. This is just one of the products and solutions that are shaking up our industry that you’ll know about first.

With Kaddy, you can connect and order with suppliers that are pioneers in their space. Capital Brewing Co., for instance, has officially become the first Australian brewery certified as carbon neutral and just the third brewery in the country to be B Corp accredited. 

So what are you waiting for? Create your free Kaddy Marketplace account today to receive $50 off your first order, and unlock a new reality of less work and more business.