Melitta Professional’s commitment goes beyond just providing products and services.

Melitta Professional tailored solutions for hospitality businesses will be showcased at the Australasian Gaming Expo.

With Australia’s expanding coffee culture, hospitality businesses are constantly seeking to elevate their coffee offerings and Melitta Professional, with its broad assortment of quality coffee solutions, offers the ideal support businesses are looking for.

Known for being a strong partner for all hot beverage requirements in the hospitality sector, this brand emphasizes its support for clubs, pubs, restaurants, casinos, and other similar businesses.

Along with their cutting-edge coffee machines and high-quality coffee beans, the services accompanying these products, such as operational training, equipment maintenance, flexible financing and customised solutions, are also an essential aspect of their complete package.

Beyond merely providing products and services, Melitta Professional focuses on designing solutions specific to the needs of its clients’ businesses, thus creating long-lasting partnerships that can enhance their coffee service and contribute to their overall success.

This includes menu development, digitisation process implementation, marketing assistance, and financial solutions provision – a level of service distinguishing them from others in the coffee industry.

When choosing Melitta Professional, businesses acquire more than just a supplier; they gain a dedicated partner set on optimising their coffee service and contributing to their overall success.

As their Managing Director, Justin Rejske, puts it: “We focus on six core pillars: coffee, coffee machines, customer service, digitalisation, customisation, and finance. Our objective in every client meeting is to understand their needs and pain points, enabling our sales professionals to design the optimal solution for their business.”

If you are a club manager or club decision-maker, and are heading to the Australasian Gaming Expo, at ICC Sydney August 15-17, head to Stand 627 to see Melitta Professional’s offerings first-hand, and enjoy the benefits they can bring to your venue. The AGE event also offers the chance to speak directly with Melitta’s team of coffee experts and explore potential collaborations to enhance your customer’s coffee experience.

To discover more about Melitta Professional’s bespoke solutions, products, and services, visit or Stand 627 at the Australasian Gaming Expo.

Explore more about Melitta Professional’s tailored solutions, products and services at the AGE Stand or online.