A plate of garlic bread with a dish of pasta in the background.

Tip Top Foodservice has expanded its Australian Garlic Bread Co. (AGB) range to include a Sourdough Garlic Bread with even more garlic.

The new sourdough garlic loaves take garlic bread to the next level with a stronger garlic flavour and that sourdough taste that is so popular. The loaves have a mild sourdough tang and a more open crumb structure to enable more garlic to sink into the dough.

Developed for the foodservice market, the new 8” sourdough garlic bread loaf has double the garlic when compared to the AGB 9” garlic sub.

The new AGB Sourdough Garlic Bread loaf is a step up from average garlic bread, perfect for venues that want something more premium or those that usually make their own but are facing staff shortages and the need for more cost-efficient solutions.

The AGB Sourdough Garlic Bread has a rustic look, with a generous spread of garlic right to the edges, so it will fast become a diner favourite.

It’s a next-level version of everyday garlic bread so caters well to those that want the look and feel of homemade without the time and effort involved.

Frozen soon after baking to lock in the freshness, the new sourdough loaf caters for demand for more premium offerings in pubs, restaurants and cafes.

The new AGB Sourdough Garlic Bread loaves are delivered frozen, in cartons of 40 pieces. They also have a 6-month frozen shelf life, come in convenient inner twin packs and defrost quickly so you can thaw as needed, without the risk of wasting any stock.

Available nationally from foodservice distributors, you can find more information about the AGB 8” Sourdough Garlic Bread loaves online here.