Boiling Top & Wok Top

Cook efficiently with Giorik Induction.

Featuring a glass-ceramic cooking surface with independently controlled zones. Rapid heating is generated by the contact between the cooking surface and induction specific cooking pan. Heat is direct generated in the cooking pan, resulting in zero heat loss from the cooking surface. This reduces cooking times while maintain a cooler working environment. Featuring smart automatic shutoff when the pan is removed from the cooktop.

Dail in the heat with independent temperature regulation via 6 position selector and LED lights to monitor the correct operation of the appliance.

Induction Boiling Tops:

Fit in with your kitchen; units available as 2 or 4 zone, countertop or complete with open base units in either 700 and 900 series. Optional doors available for open base to enclose storage.

700 series

2 zone – 7.6kW

Cooking zone: 2 x  Ø230

4 zone – 15.2kW

Cooking zone: 4 x Ø230

900 series

2 zone – 10.8kW

Cooking zone: 2x Ø270

4 zone – 21.6kW

Cooking zone: 4x Ø270

Induction Wok Tops:

Stir-fry without the excess heat and smoke.

Featuring a powerful and responsive 5.4kW, Ø300 cooking zone. The Giorik Induction Wok Top is easier to clean and safer to use compared to conventional gas wok burners. Create a comfortable work environment by eliminating heat loss and reducing cooking fumes.

Available as countertop or complete with open base. Optional doors available for open base to enclose storage. Induction specific compatible woks and wok ring set sold separately.