Ausphin’s skilled chefs (far left) Jairuz from Candelori’s and Patrick from Alpha, together with Peni from Toro Nero (far right), Ausphin Sales Manager Thomas De Moura (third from left) with Ausphin CEO and Founder Rachelle Yilmaz (centre) and Tolga Yilmaz, Director of Programs and Compliance.

We all know that the scarcity of skilled workers is an incessant challenge in Australia. However, the daunting task and repeated cycle of sourcing and bringing in qualified applicants is another challenge most HR Managers have to grapple with.

Having worked with club owners and hiring managers for a decade now, Ausphin has listed three best practices for employers to attract the right candidates for the job.

Quality & Quantity of Talent Pool.

Ensure your recruitment ads attract quality candidates; but if you haven’t got the time and manpower to do recruitment marketing, where you source your talent plays a key role in the quality of applicants coming through. Partnering with Ausphin gives you access to a talent database of over 5,000+ pre-screened and skilled cooks, chefs and food & beverage professionals from all over the world. Candidates’ culinary, hospitality and communication skills can be further evaluated through Ausphin’s Visume or video resume.

Create and implement career progression plans. Getting talent to join your company is one thing, but giving them a reason to stay is another story. It is natural for any great talent to want to thrive in their work and more so be given promotion and career advancement opportunities. Make sure your applicants know about this. Ausphin specialises in Workforce Planning which enables your organisation to design a solid training plan and succession plan customised for each employee. This includes career pathways and visa sponsorships to support your employee. Ausphin’s Traineeship Program has a proven retention rate of 98 per cent and has drastically reduced turnover rates and increased talent retention of Ausphin’s current partners.

Open more opportunities for full-time work.

As of February 2021, 65 per cent of hospitality employees in Australia are casual workers. Casuals tend to have higher turnover rates since these workers maintain multiple jobs to obtain a sufficient level of income. On the brighter side, opening more full-time work opportunities ensures that your employees are focused on your business alone. Talent under Ausphin’s Traineeship and Skilled Acceleration Programs are bound to be employed full-time and solely under your company assuring you of their commitment and dedication.

Take it from Cameron Bealey, owner of Toro Nero restaurant. “Ausphin has impacted the business hugely; it helped us get in touch with the right candidates we need. They helped us recruit new staff and skilled chefs, and not only that – they are actually the right fit for the team. Works well for us, works for them; so it is a win-win for both of us.”

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Jason Chow, Head of Operations of ESCA Group, also affirmed the relief of having a partner for recruitment.

Jason Chow Interview

“The improvements that we’ve seen in our workforce have been nothing short of amazing. They (hired chefs) have been able to execute the skills that they’ve shown through their Visumes. They’ve been a beautiful breath of fresh air and an added skill and resource to the team.”

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ESCA Group Head of Operations Jason Chow (left) with Ausphin-secured ESCA Chef Allan (centre) and Ausphin Sales Manager Thomas De Moura.