EJE designed Cardiff Brewery for The Wests Group. Picture: katiewadestudio.com

Cardiff Brewery is the latest venture of The Wests Group. EJE was engaged to design and document the refurbishment of the existing auditorium into a new Sports Bar featuring a small-batch craft brewery.

Completed in late 2022, the working brewery is on show through the steel-framed glass wall with the large feature copper pipes making their way from the back of the brewery, wrapping their way across the ceiling and down into the bar. The large TV screen is a focal point of the room and measures 7.2m x 2m.

As you enter the room, you are greeted by the custom-made “çhande-beer” light fitting with over 400 amber beer bottles hanging from the ceiling. The existing bar was completely refurbished and also features over 700 backlit amber beer bottles on the bar front.

Brick tiles, wine barrels and booth seating add to the charm of this popular new offering within Wests Cardiff.