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First impressions matter, and first impressions of people – rightly or wrongly – can be made through their attire. This is true both of individuals and of groups of people, such as the staff of a club.

A professional uniform will send a positive impression, but it can do more than that. If well thought out, it can enhance the impact of your brand, as well as convey a sense of the identity of your venue. So what makes for a good club uniform?

“There is a feeling of a return to classic and refined styling,” suggests Felicity Rodgers, founder and creative director of Cargo Crew.

“Tailored looks including suiting and button-down shirts are mixed and matched with considered coordinates to provide layers of interest across teams. These elevated styles deliver a polished, cohesive look.”

Layering is key so that a casual yet smart look can easily be elevated as the space and occasion requires.

“Our most popular pieces include our modern shirting range which can be elevated with a blazer or layered with a knit for a simple modern aesthetic,” says Rodgers.

The design of the uniforms worn by your personnel should be well considered. There are many aspects of a uniform to think about and adapt to your club, including practicality, branding and collective and individual identity.

Sending a message

In any form of design, colours and symbols are used to evoke particular emotions or motifs. The same is true of clothing. Clubs can use uniforms to reinforce the identity of their venue, whether that be suggesting whether a space is formal or casual, or evoking your surroundings. Both were true for Janelle Barraud, general manager of Bribie Island RSL, who wanted to represent the seaside nature of the club through its new uniforms, while paying homage to the club’s RSL roots.

“We introduced a predominantly blue uniform to reflect that we are located on an island surrounded by sea. The scarf worn is a bespoke design and once undone and laid flat, is actually an illustration of a poppy flower, a symbol of remembrance.”

Variety is the spice of life

Another consideration of club uniform design is that different uniform styles work best for different areas of the club.

“From a practicality perspective, venues may like to consider the diversity of the roles within the business as well as the diversity of individuals amongst the team,” suggests Rodgers.

“A one-style-fits-all approach can be difficult to execute successfully with the varied tasks and functions within a venue, and instead consider a selection of styles that form a cohesive look through curation.”

A selection of choices within a uniform collection also gives staff the opportunity to imbue a little of their own identity, preferences and comfort into their workwear. This was a major part of the brief for the Bribie Island RSL uniforms designed by Cargo Crew, with Barraud wanting to ensure that the team could still express their individuality within the club’s style.

“The uniforms are deliberately different, and that is what we strive for each day at the Bribie RSL. They represent that there is no single ‘fit’ and we therefore introduced multiple pieces of clothing that our team can mix and match to suit their style, comfort and the department that they are working in on any particular day. We believe that each person’s experience is individual, whether it be our team or patrons.”

The team at Bribie Island RSL in a variety of uniform options designed by Cargo Crew.

Wear and tear

Another main consideration of a staff uniform is its practicality. Will its design allow staff to perform their functions without hindrance? Are the materials hardy enough to withstand the hustle and bustle of a bar or bistro?

Cotton is essential for breathability, while synthetic materials are more durable. Cargo Crew believes they’ve hit on the right balance with their Smith Oxford shirt range, which blends the two, and has been a popular choice for hospitality clients.

“An additional benefit of the Smith Oxford Fabric is the mid-weight at which we manufacture the fabric. Traditional Oxford shirts tend to be made from a heavy weight fabric which doesn’t suit the hustle of a busy venue; therefore, we find the mid-weight shirting fabrics such as our Smith Oxford and also our Frankie Gingham Checks to best suit our clients needs,” states Rodgers.

A uniform may seem like a simple thing to throw together, but careful consideration of its design can ensure that your staff are comfortable and take pride in their attire. It can make them feel like a part of a team, while also giving them the space to express individuality. It can also send instant visual messaging about what your club has to offer.

Cargo Crew can help you carefully hone that message about your club through well considered and high quality uniforms. Get in touch today!

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