Comforting Maggi Gravy Mash.

The ongoing appeal of comfort food reminds us that classics that evoke warm memories of simpler times will always be popular. Throughout the pandemic, consumers turned to familiar favourite foods to help lift their moods and feed their families. This has driven increased demand for comfort foods – meals that provide a degree of familiarity, safety and nostalgia such as bangers and mash, schnitzels and gravy or ice cream. This consumption habit is here to stay, particularly amongst younger Australians.

Offset staff shortages and run a leaner business by streamlining operations and simplifying your menu

Operators dialling into comfort food trends right now are wise to do so. By opting to use ingredients that are versatile, consistent and taste great, this ensures their customers will enjoy the food they order. With the current shortage of skilled labour in foodservice, many businesses have recognised the need to increase the focus on top-selling menu items. This helps streamline operations, simplify menus and reduce complexity in meal preparation.

Serve the Hottest Couple in Town

As discussed earlier, offering the classics on a menu makes great business sense and two of the most classic comfort foods are gravy and mash.

Gravy is one of the favourite sauces enjoyed by Aussies year-round and is an essential item in commercial kitchens across the country. On the other hand, potatoes are one of the most versatile foods, with mashed potatoes providing a creamy, starchy complement to the main meat or fish. When combined, mash and gravy make the hottest pairing to cater to your consumers’ craving for comfort foods.

Whether it’s a dark, full-bodied gravy to add depth of flavour, or a light and savoury gravy, the MAGGI range of gravies suit a variety of menu favourites. From classic roast chicken to chargrilled steak, vegetables and everyone’s favourite, chips or mash, MAGGI gravy adds the perfect finish to a great meal.

For a classic mashed potato, MAGGI Instant Mashed Potato helps you serve delicious and creamy, gluten-free mash in just one easy step! Made with real potato, it removes the prep time of peeling, cooking and mashing the potatoes with simple preparation – just add hot water for an instant classic.

The MAGGI range of gravies and Mashed Potato are designed to alleviate complexity in meal preparation and support your busy kitchen needs. With gluten-free and vegan options also available to suit different dietary needs, this means you can easily serve the hottest couple in town with confidence.

Whatever is being plated up, your customers can enjoy their classic favourites with MAGGI gravy and mash

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