In response to the booming market in takeaway and delivery food, McCain has extended its range of SureCrisp fries, delivering sustained crispiness.

Foodservice businesses such as pubs have seen a massive increase in customers seeking takeaway and delivery options for meal, and potato remains one of the most popular items ordered.

Eighty-two percent of consumers say they have experienced soggy fries via takeaway or delivery, which are bad for business.

McCain has had its flagship delivery SureCrisp 10mm fries available for about 18 months, and now adds two additional SKUs, being Steak Fries and Skin-On 9mm.

The range is specially crafted, featuring a fluffy interior inside a signature ‘Clear Coat’ technology that stays consistently crispy across delivery, takeaway and on-premise uses.

The Skin-on 9mm and original 10mm have a hold time of 30 minutes, and the new Steak Fries are good for 25 minutes.

SureCrisp’s suitability to both on-premise and off-premise allows operators to stock and range just one product, instead of two.

McCain offers that kitchens could increase sales by expanding their delivery area, and “confidently offer one of the most popular and highest menu items for delivery and takeaway.”