Capital Corporation has partnered with Bondi Junction RSL Club to create a revitalised venue.

Capital Corporation’s exemplary development partnership with Bondi Junction RSL Club has revitalised a venue that is now ideally positioned for future success, with state-of-the-art amenities and multiple income streams that ensure financial sustainability.

The partnership, which leverages Capital Corporation’s expertise in club redevelopment, has helped transform Bondi Junction RSL Club into a thriving and modern facility for its members and visitors. This successful development partnership with its diversified income streams also reduces reliance on a single revenue source. The success of the Bondi Junction RSL Club partnership also highlights Capital Corporation’s ability to deliver outstanding results, which comes as a result of meticulous planning, diligent execution and attention to detail that has garnered positive feedback and solidified their reputation as a trusted development partner.

Clubs considering a development partnership can have confidence in Capital Corporation’s capabilities, as demonstrated by this successful collaboration with the Bondi Junction RSL Club. With a proven track record, financial strength and commitment to innovation, Capital Corporation is well-equipped to support other clubs in achieving their development goals.