Buondi: ‘Crafted For Now’.

Nestlé Professional first launched Buondi Caffé in Australia in 2015, aligning the brand’s positioning with its origins in Portugal, where it is synonymous with energy, youth, and active lifestyles.

However, with Australia’s coffee market being more sophisticated, and coffee culture embedded into the lives of consumers and businesses, Nestlé Professional has decided to revitalise the Buondi coffee brand to suit the market Down Under.

“From January 2023, the Buondi brand will evolve, and our coffee beans will have a brand-new look,” says Nestlé Professional Master Barista Jo Yuen.

Buondi’s ‘Crafted For Now’ branding demonstrates an understanding of the way that Aussies enjoy their coffee, and also reflects an ambition to create a more urban and stylish aesthetic. The new brand positioning was created to better reflect its place in Australian coffee culture and the target consumer seeking enhanced coffee experiences within pubs, clubs, and cafés.

Jo says Buondi drinkers lead busy lives, between their work and family commitments. Therefore, they want to make the most of their leisure time.

BUONDI’S Complex Soul caters for the way that Aussies enjoy their coffee.

“Pubs, clubs, and cafés play a big role in this, as they are often the destination for weekend unwind occasions with partners and friends. Alongside great food and beverages, great coffee can complement their experience and positively influence their perception of the venue,” she says.

The coffee beans used in Buondi blends are sourced from all over the world, but roasted and blended locally to suit the Australian palate and lifestyle.

“Buondi is made with Aussie community spirit, proudly roasted and blended by our Gympie factory in regional Queensland. The Gympie factory has been manufacturing Buondi since 2015 for Australians to enjoy, and in the last 12 months alone, has produced over three million cups of Buondi,” Jo says.

The Buondi brand philosophy is that coffee is about moments. So Buondi coffee is blended for moments big and small. Each of the three blends is designed to connect to a consumer’s particular mood and life moment.

Steady State is another style in the Buondi professional range, blended and roasted in Australia.